Coping with confinement

Mental health and psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak

By WHO and meme man

Messages for the general population:

  1. The virus affects many people from a lot of countries, please refrain from imitating the former US president by addressing it as the : [Redacted] virus, the virus from [Redacted] or the virus that those damn [Redacted] gave us.
  2. Reduce stigma by addressing people with the disease as such, not as a “victim”, as” case”, a “Covid-19 family”.
  3. Don’t watch news if it makes you anxious. Only take trustworthy information that definitely didn’t come from your aunt that found the news on a shady Facebook page that sells crystals and tells you the benefits of eating grass. You can trust the WHO website, the government. Knowledge should reduce fear.
  4. Protect yourself, support others. Don’t give up on the weak, forgetful grandmother who lives next door alone. Call her. Search for who might need extra assistance.
  5. Share and amplify positive stories about people recovering from COVID, people helping others, etc
  6. Honour carers and healthcare workers supporting people affected with COVID-19 in your community. Acknowledge the role they play in saving lives and keeping your loved ones safe.

Messages for people in isolation

7. Stay connected, maintain your social networks. Don’t give up on that dead group chat, because nobody else is gonna revive that. Try as much as possible to keep your personal daily routines, or create new routines if circumstances change. And as a matter of fact, it doesn’t involve being up watching Netflix until 2:00 am, skipping online classes and giving up on the world as a whole because this confinement sucks and it has been going on for so long and you can’t just go see the homies in person and online class is insanely exhausting and… Anyway, if your physical social contact are limited, use telephone, e-mail, social media or video conference to stay connected

8. When you feel stressed, pay close attention to your own needs and feelings, do healthy activities that you enjoy and that are relaxing. You should exercise, have a good sleeping routine and eat healthily. Don’t focus on your problems too much, keep things in perspective.

9. Again, don’t focus too much on news. You should only seek out important, verified information.

Sources :

Covid Survival Guide

You may have yet to realize how lucky you are to have found this guide, but if you read it to the end you are guaranteed to survive the Covid Pandemic, at least until you die of boredom.

In case you’ve lived confined even before what we call “the first confinement”, here’s a brief reminder of the basics.

  • No sneezing, except in your elbows
  • Wearing mask at all times in public areas. Even at the bank! (enjoy it while you can)
  • Wash your hands as often as possible! (this year you’ll you reach levels of cleanliness you’d never expected to exist before)

Now brace yourself, these are the real secret advice.

  • In a global pandemic you need to be prepared for any situation. What if the next mutation turns Covid into a zombie plague? Well, you’d better keep a nailed club nearby.
  • While some fools desperately buy up all the toilet paper as soon as a confinement is announced, you need to get your hands on a huge Faraday Cage. Why? Because the cage will protect you from the contagious waves. Everyone should know 5G antennas spread Covid.
  • Finally, help yourself to some popcorn, because 2021 probably still has some surprises in store…

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Basically, all you have here is the equipment at Polytechnique because … you know, Polytechnique, #1 “Grande Ecole” in France, one of the oldest schools in Europe, founded by Napoleon the First, Emperor of the French… So they got all the money.

They have:

  • Gyms        
  • Work-out rooms
  • Weapons rooms
  • 25 m pool
  • volleyball court
  • basketball court
  • handball court
  • climbing wall
  • dojo
  • dance room
  • shooting range
  • riding stable (30 horses)
  • 400 meters long athletics track
  • 1 semi-artificial lake
  • 4 soccer fields
  • 3 rugby fields
  • 8 tennis courts
  • 1 beach volleyball field
  • 1 Golf range

Each school has its own sports association, BDS (for Bureau des Sports, Sports Office) so you can ask them when and where you can practice your favorite sports. Most of those sports are open for everyone, soccer or basketball for instance. What is really interesting, is that if you are a large enough group of people willing to do a specific sport, you can ask for financial aid and if you get it, go sport!

If you’re not from Polytechnique, then you’ll have to rely on their kindness or find a spot suitable to your liking and improvise. Thankfully for volleyball players, the quarry near Telecom Paris makes a great court to have a good match of beach volleyball.

The main events here is the “Coupe de l’X” (X’ championship) and the CCL (Centrale Lyon’s Challenge) but you know, everything’s closed so now it’s the OCCL, Online CCL and the Online “Coupe de l’X”. I heard that this version will include the famous not so easy Netflix Run, where you’ll need to watch everything in the Netflix Catalog. Another contest will be people on Zoom, cam on, 4 bags of chips eating them as fast as possible, and for the strongest competitors, with their masks on.

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Violets are blue,
I just wanted to be the Red Ranger

Historical Monuments

Brière’s Hotel

Musée du Hurepoix - Ville de Palaiseau
“La maison de la bourgeoise” in the Hurepoix museum

Brière’s Hotel was built in the 17th century. It overlooked a bustling courtyard. In 1985, the historical society of Palaiseau organized a collection of old everyday objects. Since 1991, they have been exhibited at the castle which has become the Hurepoix museum. You can find in the museum jewelry sets, war posters, creepy dolls. etc.

Old Stately Castle

Saint-Eugene high school entrance

A former Palaiseau castle, it was built at the end of the 15th century by Fiacre de Harville, Lord of Palaiseau. It was acquired by Louis XV in 1758 and ceded in 1760 to Mademoiselle de Sens, half-sister of the Prince of Condé to whom she passed it on. Declared “State property” in 1794, it was awarded in 1799 for 242,000 F to Jean-Baptiste de La Palme who, in 1802, sold it to Raynal-Bara who destroyed it. What remains of the castle is part of the Saint-Eugene Catholic high school, notably the postern which is now the entrance to the high school.

Church Of Saint Martin

Eglise Saint-Martin à Vitré
Church Of Saint Martin

This Roman style church has been listed as a historical monument since 1930. It was built in the 12th century. It was in this church that the revolutionary Joseph Bara was baptized in 1779. The church contains several ancient objects: a 14th century sculpture of Madonna and Child, the remains of the Arnauld family, an 18th century carved wooden high altar, a 16th century Flemish school painting and a 17th century canvas painting by Giovanni Lanfranco depicting Hagar and the angel.

Fort of Palaiseau

Battery of La Pointe

The Fort of Palaiseau was built from 1874 to 1879 following the outbreak of the 1870 war with Germany. Only 2 of 34 of its batteries are left: battery of La Pointe, and battery of l’Yvette, which is now in part in the ENSTA school campus.

François Denis Tronchet’s House

Hôtel de Ville - Ville de Palaiseau
Palaiseau’s city hall

François Denis Tronchet was a jurist. He is known for defending Louis XV during his trial. He later worked for Napoleon on the civil code. His castle is now Palaiseau’s city hall.

About the Author:

 Hi! I’m a duck.

I’ve been around way before all of you and your schools. I know this place better than the back of my hand… You know what I mean.

Let me give you a quick virtual tour.


Franprix :

Fichier:Logo Franprix 2015.png — Wikipédia

If you are a student at Telecom Paris, or you found accommodation at the residence near it ( JDO, Manseau, Kley, All Suites), ( or you have by chance Franprix next to your residence) then you are lucky to have Franprix next to you. You can do the shopping at Franprix especially if it’s something urgent or you have exams to pass and you don’t have the time to go shopping. However, the prices at Franprix are generally higher than the other supermarkets. Besides, there is no variety and you can’t find everything that you need there. So, if you have enough money and you care about your comfort, then Franprix is the right place for you.

Carrefour :

File:Carrefour logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Carrefour is a French supermarket. Generally, it has everything and a variety of brands for every product. The prices are very reasonable and considered low compared to Franprix especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables. You also can shop online especially when you don’t have the time due to exams at the price only of 8 euros. As a tip, just call a friend and order something together to share the shipping fees 😉.


Fichier:Cora logo.svg — Wikipédia

It’s the biggest supermarket in the neighborhood. It’s not just a supermarket, it’s also a mall. If your residence is near Massy Palaiseau, then Cora is your choice. The prices in Cora are generally the lowest and you can find a variety of brands for the same product. Besides, if you are a newcomer, then you must go to Cora to buy the necessary furniture for your stay in France (like the pillow the cover and all the necessary things that you need to equip your new home). So stop being a lazy boy/ girl and go shop at Cora! I care about your health and I want you to exercise. 


Logo Auchan PNG transparents - StickPNG

It’s a small and good supermarket that has a variety of products. It’s generally the same as Carrefour. The price range is very reasonable, especially when it comes to snacks. So, if you are at massy, you can shop for some products from Auchan and some others from Carrefour if you want to save much money as possible.

Intermarché Express:

Enseigne INTERMARCHE EXPRESS : Ouverture et création enseigne du réseau INTERMARCHE  EXPRESS - Fédération du Commerce Associé

If your accommodation is near Gif-Sur Yvette, then Intermarché Express is your choice. It’s not that big of a supermarket but you find in it the necessary needed products especially when it’s urgent. It will be reasonable to go to Cora/ Carrefour/ Auchan once a week to save money and get some exercise.

Here is a little map, to give you a global insight about the location of each supermarket.

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Polytechnique: Also called “l’X”, this is the best of the best engineering school in France, where the most talented students in maths and physics come to undergo military training and play sports. No one really knows what’s the point of it, but it seems to work as they all work for a company of the CAC40 afterward.

Centrale-Supélec: The biggest engineering school in France, well-known for its boring, unnecessarily lengthy and pointless competitive exams and for its parties, especially the QuadraBang, one hell of a party for all the students on the plateau. It also has the most visited “museum” of the area, much less studious when you know that it is only the name of its bar.

ENSTA: At the far end of the Polytechnic campus is a hidden school. Its students live in strange-looking buildings and they try to let the world think they are Polytechniciens’ best friends but I’m not sure the latter even knows they exist.

ENSAE: Half business school, half engineering school, ENSAE is the perfect school if you want to do a boring job that will leave you a 30 year old millionaire and depressed. Course content includes throwing banknotes, how to wear a $30k outfit or which champagne to buy when you host a party with Bernard Arnault.

Télécom Paris: The second best engineering school in the country according to “l’Étudiant”, god knows how high they were when they wrote this, but it’ll be the first thing every Télecommien will tell you about their school. If you read this in 2025 or later, you might need to look up what the new name of the school is, but you can’t miss its outrageous orange block at the entrance to Palaiseau

Institut d’Optique: Also known as SupOptique, none of the students there had the slightest interest in the optical phenomena before entering the school, but everyone of them would tell you that it has been their passion for decades.

ENS Paris Saclay: A school for hippies who think studying 8 years to work an undervalued job in the name of science is a noble act. They are also known for taking the place of the Centraliens in the students residences in Gif, one wonders why these residences don’t like people who throw parties of 50 people in a 20 m2 apartment… Their RU (university restaurant) is reputed to be the best in town.

Historical Facts

Middle Age and before

The story starts in antiquity. Archeologists have found vestiges of Celtic villages around Gif-sur-Yvette and Orsay which seems to date from the fifth century BC. According to historians they were invaded by the Roman Empire. The area was a route between Paris and Chartres. Gif-sur-Yvette became more important in the twelfth century when an abbey was built. A few kilometers from there, in Palaiseau, during the fifth century, the king of Paris named Childebert the First decided to build a castle. Later on, in the seventh century, Pepin le Bref gifted the domain to the abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés who sold it around the year 1000. Gif-Sur-Yvette and Palaiseau received their names in the eighteenth century, after the French Revolution.

Industrial revolution

During the nineteenth century, France developed its railroads. In the 1850s, the stations of Palaiseau-Villebon, Palaiseau and Lozère were built. Meanwhile, in Gif-sur-Yvette, the new owner of the abbey sold it brick by brick. The Gif station was built later on in 1867.

20th century

30 years after World War 2, the area welcomed several schools. The first one, in 1975, was the École Supérieure d’Électricité also known as Supélec. Later it became Centrale-Supélec. The second one was built in 1976. The well-known École Polytechnique was located in Paris before.

21st century

In the early 2000s, the Paris-Saclay project was created. The Plateau would become a scientific center such as the Silicon Valley in the US. Lots of companies such as Thales, Horiba and EDF established their labs there. They were followed by several schools like SupOptique in 2006, ENSTA in 2012 and ENSAE in 2016. Today Nowadays, 2 more schools have settled on the Plateau de Saclay. The first is the ENS ParisSaclay and the second is Telecom Paris. The latter integrated the IP Paris Association founded in 2019 and gathers the École Polytechniques, ENSTA, ENSAE, Telecom Paris and Telecom Sud-Paris.


The Paris-Saclay project isn’t over yet. To be fair, it should be completed in less than five years. Other schools want to move on the Plateau. For example, Agro-Paritech campus is being built close to Telecom Paris. To welcome the students, residences such as All-Suites Study are being built. However, the present Covid situation tends to delay the process. 

About the author

Alias: Chanandler Bong

Being a huge fan of Sitcoms, I became quite a couch potato over the years. Consequently, I hardly hang out. I commonly find myself lost wherever I go, even in the Plateau de Saclay where there is only one road. To console myself, I keep thinking that others bear the same burden. I hope that someday this map will help us, the people who lack sense of direction.

Murals of the Plateau

If the students of Saclay do not get the idea of the century, we are basically doomed to global warming. In desperation, you can still admire Edelweiss on the walls of the Polytechnique buildings. [48.71046797461749, 2.2134093849871777]

After two years of prep school, and their… uninhibited parties, the swimmers of the École Polytechnique pool are developing a strong sense of sharing and virile friendship. [48.712349653503914, 2.212077284671181]

If you feel the soul of an artist, don’t hesitate to try the small huts dedicated to musicians. You will be able to play in peace, if you leave the residents in peace: legend has it that penguins can come and knock you down if you play wrong. [48.71121278251905, 2.212679568181297]

The Saclay Plateau Handball team is reputed to be unbeatable. So much so that their opponents spread the rumor that the players have several pairs of arms to distract the goalkeeper. Well, if you’re of the “I only believe what I see” type, just drop by the Ecole Polytechnique gymnasium to find out. [48.71219437035081, 2.2138537106196035]

X students may be military, but they are students first and foremost! As good mathematicians, it didn’t take them long to find the maximum “alcohol percentage”/”price” ratio. [48.711439300925754, 2.209770171240249]

And of course, the masterpiece of the Saclay plateau. The “bas-relief” of Télécom Paris is the third most visited French monument, after the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Yes it is! [48.71302106910204, 2.2003466485818053]

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  • EDF Lab Paris-Saclay

The biggest industrial and research center in Europe. The association of an R&D global center and the new EDF Campus. EDF is a French company and the first electricity provider in Europe.

If electricity is too expensive or the electrical network is not working properly, that’s where you should complain.

  • Danone Nutricia Research

A global research and development organisation with a proud heritage and over 120 years of experience. Their main goal is to use life science, food science and technology to pioneer nutritional solutions for those with special nutritional needs. Danone is a French agrifood company with activities everywhere around the globe.

Vegans you’re gonna love the research being conducted there, or maybe not actually. They don’t give free samples to try out though so don’t expect to eat for free there.

  • Horiba

This plant is said to be a secret facility where all sorts of candies are created. Easily recognised thanks to the huge “AIR LIQUIDE” white tanks. No one knows what kind of nasty experiments they’re conducting in that gloomy facility (“I heard screams one night”, a fellow pedestrian).

If someone goes missing it’s probably the best place to start your research (assuming you’re not afraid). Also, if I were you I’d start wondering what these candies are truly made of.

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This whole project was originally my idea but I don’t mind you taking credit cause I’m ~cool~.

Cultural tips

If the word minimalism was designed for a part of the world, it would be for the “Plateau de Saclay”. However, although they seem to detach themselves from worldly accommodations, the indigenous keep some very French habits to themselves. Here are some tips to survive in their settlements.


Although they have a reputation of being dirty, French people are overall quite clean. But watch out for the lonely student Sunday shopping. After two days shut in his narrow room, he might have forgotten that flies are not his friends.

La bise

As a greeting, strangers give two kisses on each other’s cheeks. Usually, the order is right cheek followed by the left one. However, this order varies depending on where the person you are speaking with comes from. This can lead to awkward situations. If you do not feel comfortable crossing that many boundaries upon meeting a stranger for the first time, you can try to avoid this practice. An easy way out is to pretend that you have a cold. Good luck!

How to sleep well in Palaiseau ?

Despite Palaiseau being in the countryside, there are a lot more cranes than sheep. That’s why it is common knowledge around here that it’s much better to count cranes than sheep in order to fall asleep.

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