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Good news for bicycle commuters: the Plateau is very bicycle friendly. There are bicycle lanes on every avenue and almost every street, which makes it very easy to go from one side of the Plateau to the other. Although there are many construction works in progress, which may render some lanes unusable, don’t be discouraged! You can always find a way around them. Also, if you want a real calves workout, there are bicycle lanes which run along the N118 highway, and go up and down the Plateau. So go work those calves!

Alternatively, if you just want to go out and enjoy the weather, or have a nice jog on the plateau, you should go to Eugène Chanlon Park, which is south of Télécom Paris. There you will find dirt paths and a lot of trees! You can also jog or cycle along Boulevard Thomas Gobert, which is a pretty long but straight road going from Télécom to Orsay. For some nice cardio, go to Lozère and take the stairs up to École Polytechnique. Following the road from there, you may even see the horses of the school!

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