Bus lines

Bus 91.06 will be your main way of commuting using public transportation on the Plateau. There are stops at all major schools, namely ENSTA, Polytechnique and ENSAE, Télécom Paris, Université Paris-Saclay and CentraleSupélec. The line starts at Massy-Palaiseau, where you will be able to take the RER B and C to go to Paris, and end at Christ de Saclay. Alternatively, Bus 91.10 comes less frequently but extends the line 91.06, so you can take it if you miss the 91.06 bus. Be careful not to fall asleep on it though, as it starts at Orly airport, and goes all the way up to Saint-Quentin!

From the west side of the Plateau, Bus 9 can take you to HEC and Orsay, where you can also take the RER B, and goes to Les Ulis 2, a shopping mall which is usually not too crowded. If you fancy going to a huge shopping mall instead, the line 91.08 goes to Vélizy 2, where you will find countless shops, restaurants, and a big cinema!

Need to go back to Paris at 3AM? The Noctilien buses are here to save the day (or night)!. Line N63 has buses going from Ferme de La Vauve to Gare Montparnasse in Paris, every night from 00:30AM to 05:30AM. On weekdays, buses come every 30 minutes, while on weekends they come every 20 minutes.

Pro tip: buses have warming seats, which is very nice during winter!

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