• EDF Lab Paris-Saclay

The biggest industrial and research center in Europe. The association of an R&D global center and the new EDF Campus. EDF is a French company and the first electricity provider in Europe.

If electricity is too expensive or the electrical network is not working properly, that’s where you should complain.

  • Danone Nutricia Research

A global research and development organisation with a proud heritage and over 120 years of experience. Their main goal is to use life science, food science and technology to pioneer nutritional solutions for those with special nutritional needs. Danone is a French agrifood company with activities everywhere around the globe.

Vegans you’re gonna love the research being conducted there, or maybe not actually. They don’t give free samples to try out though so don’t expect to eat for free there.

  • Horiba

This plant is said to be a secret facility where all sorts of candies are created. Easily recognised thanks to the huge “AIR LIQUIDE” white tanks. No one knows what kind of nasty experiments they’re conducting in that gloomy facility (“I heard screams one night”, a fellow pedestrian).

If someone goes missing it’s probably the best place to start your research (assuming you’re not afraid). Also, if I were you I’d start wondering what these candies are truly made of.

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