Cultural tips

If the word minimalism was designed for a part of the world, it would be for the “Plateau de Saclay”. However, although they seem to detach themselves from worldly accommodations, the indigenous keep some very French habits to themselves. Here are some tips to survive in their settlements.


Although they have a reputation of being dirty, French people are overall quite clean. But watch out for the lonely student Sunday shopping. After two days shut in his narrow room, he might have forgotten that flies are not his friends.

La bise

As a greeting, strangers give two kisses on each other’s cheeks. Usually, the order is right cheek followed by the left one. However, this order varies depending on where the person you are speaking with comes from. This can lead to awkward situations. If you do not feel comfortable crossing that many boundaries upon meeting a stranger for the first time, you can try to avoid this practice. An easy way out is to pretend that you have a cold. Good luck!

How to sleep well in Palaiseau ?

Despite Palaiseau being in the countryside, there are a lot more cranes than sheep. That’s why it is common knowledge around here that it’s much better to count cranes than sheep in order to fall asleep.

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​As you might have guessed, your beloved authors are truly exceptional people. A character not to miss is the greatand only AlmostASlacker. Although you might think that he played an active part in the building of this map, his contributions could be overlooked if you read too quickly.

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