Murals of the Plateau

If the students of Saclay do not get the idea of the century, we are basically doomed to global warming. In desperation, you can still admire Edelweiss on the walls of the Polytechnique buildings. [48.71046797461749, 2.2134093849871777]

After two years of prep school, and their… uninhibited parties, the swimmers of the École Polytechnique pool are developing a strong sense of sharing and virile friendship. [48.712349653503914, 2.212077284671181]

If you feel the soul of an artist, don’t hesitate to try the small huts dedicated to musicians. You will be able to play in peace, if you leave the residents in peace: legend has it that penguins can come and knock you down if you play wrong. [48.71121278251905, 2.212679568181297]

The Saclay Plateau Handball team is reputed to be unbeatable. So much so that their opponents spread the rumor that the players have several pairs of arms to distract the goalkeeper. Well, if you’re of the “I only believe what I see” type, just drop by the Ecole Polytechnique gymnasium to find out. [48.71219437035081, 2.2138537106196035]

X students may be military, but they are students first and foremost! As good mathematicians, it didn’t take them long to find the maximum “alcohol percentage”/”price” ratio. [48.711439300925754, 2.209770171240249]

And of course, the masterpiece of the Saclay plateau. The “bas-relief” of Télécom Paris is the third most visited French monument, after the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Yes it is! [48.71302106910204, 2.2003466485818053]

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