The WAN:

You are no Telecomian if you have never eaten at the WAN. Located directly in a Telecom Paris building, it’s the classic for every student for lunch. You literally can’t eat under € 3 though. The bigger your wallet, the greater your food. Irregular service during Covid.

The WEEKY and the WORKO:

If you need a fast meal, try one of theses cafeterias which are also in Telecom Paris. Key spot for each and every of these lectures between noon and 1:30. The menu is wide enough for you to find something suitable.

The Crous:

There are two kinds of people who eat there. You’re either cautious with your money or you have a scholarship and each meal costs you only €1. Don’t be afraid, you’ll eat to satiety, but the taste is lacking compared to the WAN. The Messiah during Covid times, € 1 meals available for every student by noon and for dinner.

Living Room:

You want to enjoy both gastronomy and thrill? Go for it! Deathly experience ensured!

Be cautious, they do not really pay attention to customer’s allergies. Order no nuts, and nuts you will get on your plate. Definitely not suitable for students’ wallets.

Food Asia:

The ultimate hideout for people in love with Asian food! Speciality does not match this restaurant’s menu since you can order nearly anything: sushi, Cantonese rice, noodles, skewers. The Chinatown of Palaiseau.

This place is widely used by students during the week-end, especially the ones too lazy to cook.

Food trucks?

Well, they exist but are more akin to ghost trucks. If you’re lucky then one will appear.

About the author:

Hi I’m Daniel, a famous ghost writer. My doctor says I have a dual personality, but He thinks he’s just jealous. 

Fear me when I put my sunglasses on!

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