Basically, all you have here is the equipment at Polytechnique because … you know, Polytechnique, #1 “Grande Ecole” in France, one of the oldest schools in Europe, founded by Napoleon the First, Emperor of the French… So they got all the money.

They have:

  • Gyms        
  • Work-out rooms
  • Weapons rooms
  • 25 m pool
  • volleyball court
  • basketball court
  • handball court
  • climbing wall
  • dojo
  • dance room
  • shooting range
  • riding stable (30 horses)
  • 400 meters long athletics track
  • 1 semi-artificial lake
  • 4 soccer fields
  • 3 rugby fields
  • 8 tennis courts
  • 1 beach volleyball field
  • 1 Golf range

Each school has its own sports association, BDS (for Bureau des Sports, Sports Office) so you can ask them when and where you can practice your favorite sports. Most of those sports are open for everyone, soccer or basketball for instance. What is really interesting, is that if you are a large enough group of people willing to do a specific sport, you can ask for financial aid and if you get it, go sport!

If you’re not from Polytechnique, then you’ll have to rely on their kindness or find a spot suitable to your liking and improvise. Thankfully for volleyball players, the quarry near Telecom Paris makes a great court to have a good match of beach volleyball.

The main events here is the “Coupe de l’X” (X’ championship) and the CCL (Centrale Lyon’s Challenge) but you know, everything’s closed so now it’s the OCCL, Online CCL and the Online “Coupe de l’X”. I heard that this version will include the famous not so easy Netflix Run, where you’ll need to watch everything in the Netflix Catalog. Another contest will be people on Zoom, cam on, 4 bags of chips eating them as fast as possible, and for the strongest competitors, with their masks on.

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