Student housing

Jean d’Ormesson-Crous: If you have a Crous scholarship and study in an engineering school at IP Paris, then this dormitory is made for you. Price: between €313 and €456.

Alexandre Manceau – Arpej: If you aren’t blessed with a Crous scholarship, don’t know what a €50 bill looks like, and study in an engineering school at IP Paris, then you might consider joining Arpej. Due to high demand, it is quite difficult, if not nearly impossible, to get your hands on an available studio. Price: between €350 and €500.

Kley: This dormitory was designed with different hybrid spaces so you can work and relax anywhere. You can watch movies and play video games on one of the TV screens available in the patio, and have access to a nice terrace (440 m²) where you can have a BBQ. If you are a descendant of a wealthy family and proximity to your campus is a must, then Kley might be a good choice for you. Price: between €650 and €850.

Ecole polytechniqueon-campus housing: This dormitory was designed for Ecole polytechnique students only. If you are reading this, chances are you didn’t make it to this prestigious university. Price: between €450 and €550.

Ensta on-campus housing: This dormitory was designed for Ensta students only. Not as prestigious as the above-mentioned one.


Apartment of 18.5 m²: €429

Apartment of 22 m²: €450

Apartment of 36 m²: €725

Studea Camille Claudel: The Studea Palaiseau residence is a bit far from IP Paris universities but welcomes students in the heart of Camille Claudel’s eco-district. Surrounded by tree-lined squares, shared or public gardens, the residence is in the immediate vicinity of a Carrefour City, restaurant, pharmacy and bakery. Price: between €543 and €593.

Ecla: Ecla is an all student accommodation. It combines both modernity and functionality. Their apartments are fully equipped so that you do not have to worry about anything other than your studies. They offer private and shared accommodation for any type and length of stay, from 18 m² studios to 83 m². So, if you wipe your butt with cash, then you might consider joining Ecla. Price: starting at €825 and keeps on going up to infinity.

Studefi Oceane: Nice dormitory located in Massy, 15 km south of Paris. Massy is the main business center in the Essonne department. It is home to almost 1,500 companies, including major names such as Bull SA, Cegelec, Ericsson SA and Thompson. Price: Rent starting at €421.

20-campus, Gif-Sur-Yvette: Twenty Campus proposes a new dormitory located in Gif-Sur-Yvette near Centrale Supelec. Many services are included in the rent, such as:

– Breakfast served in the cafeteria from Monday to Friday

– Cleaning of the apartment twice a month

– Fitness room

Price: between €570 and €750

All Suites Study: Though the mention of this residence here is questionable considering it’s not fully built yet, there are students currently staying at this place so it’s not completely absurd. This residence features a very peculiar security system: every time it rains, all the mud surrounding the building turns into a moat! Making it really challenging to enter, for better or for worse.

Anyway, for the meagre price of €700 a month you can afford to live in ASS and enjoy all it has to offer… someday.


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  1. I doubt there’s a better student housing report anywhere on the Plateau! In fact, it’s probably difficult to have anything up to date within 3 months of the previous publication! You’ll have a job if you do it (maybe a real one!) but we’ll follow!


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