Franprix :

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If you are a student at Telecom Paris, or you found accommodation at the residence near it ( JDO, Manseau, Kley, All Suites), ( or you have by chance Franprix next to your residence) then you are lucky to have Franprix next to you. You can do the shopping at Franprix especially if it’s something urgent or you have exams to pass and you don’t have the time to go shopping. However, the prices at Franprix are generally higher than the other supermarkets. Besides, there is no variety and you can’t find everything that you need there. So, if you have enough money and you care about your comfort, then Franprix is the right place for you.

Carrefour :

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Carrefour is a French supermarket. Generally, it has everything and a variety of brands for every product. The prices are very reasonable and considered low compared to Franprix especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables. You also can shop online especially when you don’t have the time due to exams at the price only of 8 euros. As a tip, just call a friend and order something together to share the shipping fees 😉.


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It’s the biggest supermarket in the neighborhood. It’s not just a supermarket, it’s also a mall. If your residence is near Massy Palaiseau, then Cora is your choice. The prices in Cora are generally the lowest and you can find a variety of brands for the same product. Besides, if you are a newcomer, then you must go to Cora to buy the necessary furniture for your stay in France (like the pillow the cover and all the necessary things that you need to equip your new home). So stop being a lazy boy/ girl and go shop at Cora! I care about your health and I want you to exercise. 


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It’s a small and good supermarket that has a variety of products. It’s generally the same as Carrefour. The price range is very reasonable, especially when it comes to snacks. So, if you are at massy, you can shop for some products from Auchan and some others from Carrefour if you want to save much money as possible.

Intermarché Express:

Enseigne INTERMARCHE EXPRESS : Ouverture et création enseigne du réseau INTERMARCHE  EXPRESS - Fédération du Commerce Associé

If your accommodation is near Gif-Sur Yvette, then Intermarché Express is your choice. It’s not that big of a supermarket but you find in it the necessary needed products especially when it’s urgent. It will be reasonable to go to Cora/ Carrefour/ Auchan once a week to save money and get some exercise.

Here is a little map, to give you a global insight about the location of each supermarket.

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  1. Enjoyed the very valuable shopping tips! Perhaps you could add which ones have a good range of “exotic” products because internationals are always looking for that missing taste from home, ranging from Marmite to Wasabi! Auchan often has a good section.

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