Covid Survival Guide

You may have yet to realize how lucky you are to have found this guide, but if you read it to the end you are guaranteed to survive the Covid Pandemic, at least until you die of boredom.

In case you’ve lived confined even before what we call “the first confinement”, here’s a brief reminder of the basics.

  • No sneezing, except in your elbows
  • Wearing mask at all times in public areas. Even at the bank! (enjoy it while you can)
  • Wash your hands as often as possible! (this year you’ll you reach levels of cleanliness you’d never expected to exist before)

Now brace yourself, these are the real secret advice.

  • In a global pandemic you need to be prepared for any situation. What if the next mutation turns Covid into a zombie plague? Well, you’d better keep a nailed club nearby.
  • While some fools desperately buy up all the toilet paper as soon as a confinement is announced, you need to get your hands on a huge Faraday Cage. Why? Because the cage will protect you from the contagious waves. Everyone should know 5G antennas spread Covid.
  • Finally, help yourself to some popcorn, because 2021 probably still has some surprises in store…

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